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Financing Your Business Vision

How can we help push your Business Vision to Power?

M a J Capital

M a J Capital pioneers the Credit Market place, by enabling businesses to apply for accessible Business Capital Advance or Business Capital Finance through three (3) affordable and accessible streams.

By partnering with innovative funding institutes, M a J Capital provides flexible solutions to fund or finance your business vision, pushing your business from vision to powerful performance.

As business owners ourselves, we have admiration for SME’s and the financial challenges in South Africa.  Starting a business takes a lot of courage.  It is an accumulation of late nights, solutions for funding your running costs and determination pushing towards your business goals.

Team M a J Capital understand the science of entrepreneurship and working with small to medium companies is often a very personal experience associated with detail to the need of a company’s funding needs.

Our success lies in personal contact with our clients assisting with funding or financing.  We belief in business growth towards a positive micro and macro economy through the provisions of flexible funding.  We specialize in three (3) main funding streams: 

Business Capital Retail Advance

With the popular retail advance products, we offer two (2) options:


Business Capital Advance

Retail Advance:


Business Capital Advance

Manufacturing Industry Advance:


Business Capital Advance:

Short to Medium Term
{R20 000 - R1 500 000}


Business Capital Advance:

Long Term
{R100 000 - R20 000 000}

We specialise in Financing the following: